definitely 100% totally the official blog im totally not lying

Hello, I'm Met! My pronouns are she/he (please do not use they/them for me unless you're also nonbinary), and I love DnD!

DNI OC Info About

Hello! Yes, I got the url for waterfall. Yes, I do love it.

Anyways, my name is Met... or Bambi... or Cat... I have a couple named, but I prefer Met at the moment. I do art. I like dogs, dragons and deer.

Please don't tag my art as "me" or "kin". My art is not of you.

My about and pinned posts are worded sternly, but I promise I'm not normally this official-sounding.

I love receiving asks! Send me anything!

I forget to use this site a lot, but I'd like to get better about it, because I really like the look of the site. It holds a lot of promise, and I'm excited to see it grow!

Other places you can find me:

Tumblr: irilumina

Deviantart: cosmopoeicpower

Ao3: cosmopoeicpower

Twitter: @youremydeerest

Instagram: cosmopoeicpower