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Hello, I'm Met! My pronouns are she/he (please do not use they/them for me unless you're also nonbinary), and I love DnD!

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ikaii-chan asked:

1: What do you use your characters for- art? writing? roleplay? some combination of those?

10: Do your characters tend to have certain personality traits in common? is this deliberate?

1: My characters are either for DnD campaigns, or my own personal stories I create. Iri is one of my DnD characters, for example, whereas Safin is a character I've had since I was 15!

10: I... have a type........... a lot of my characters are burned out gifted kids with some sort of magical affinity/ability that find themselves being pulled away from everything theyve ever known to pursue a life or love forbidden or frowned upon by that old life they lived

suffice to say many of these characters were made before the legalization of gay marriage in america in 2015 because wow. many of my newer characters have a lot of demonic/angelic motifs as well because HOT

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