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Hello, I'm Met! My pronouns are she/he (please do not use they/them for me unless you're also nonbinary), and I love DnD!

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intrepid-inkweaver asked:

which of your characters has gone through the most changes, and what were those changes?

do your characters tend to have any recurring themes? is this deliberate, or does it just happen?

Oh man I would say 2 characters have gone through the most changes. They're both dnd characters, and those are Nuria Abornazine, my Tiefling Monk/Druid, and actually Iri Lumina!

Nuria came from a homebrew campaign I played back in 2016, and she was ingrained into the lore so much, that once that friendgroup fell apart, I didn't have a way to play her again. So I completely redid her once the new Tasha book came out! She's now a Circle of Wildfire Druid instead of Circle of Land, and I wish I knew about this years ago because fire is her main thing. I also tried to make her less of an awful person. She was.... kind of a massive dick? Her character arc was just becoming meaner and more jaded, and now that she has a fresh start, I want her to learn to love others instead of distrust them.

Iri on the other hand, got a massive backstory revamp because it was too much and I felt uncomfortable having that as a character. His backstory originally involved some..... assault......... yeah. The homebrew I use for Iri kind of accidentally created the perfect storm for this kind of character backstory, which is what made me want to do that with him in the first place. So I rewrote his backstory to still involve being trapped in the Underdark and then traveling around faerun for years without him experiencing a type of trauma I myself haven't experienced. Too much get rid of it.

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